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Appearing for the second year, the garden illuminated outdoor living in a warm and inviting setting. Show cased at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2015. Photos to follow or visit our facebook page.

Great times at the 2014 Chicago Flower and Garden Show at the Lake County Fair; our second year as a featured garden, the display was kept relatively simple with a few special touches here and there.

The patio was entirely of Brussel Block brick pavers built in a very unique design layout, which has both organic and angled borders. The border trim is a very new black Unilock product. The size and color of the pavers, along with, the thin black trim gave this patio a modern yet rustic look.

The landscape surrounding the garden include: Hydrangeas, Roses, Azaleas, Hostas, Boxwoods, Evergreens, Arborvitae, Purple-Leaf Weeping European Beech and a Dwarf Weeping Blue Spruce.

The main attractions, the six pump waterfall cascading into a pond filled with Mexican Pebble. This grand but subtle waterfall can be envisioned as one great fall or each distinct rock can be built individually to be it's own separate waterfall. Making the waterfall in such a way, gives the visitor the visual experience of seeing it as one or smaller waterfalls. 

If you see any features you would like more information on, please contact us for your own personal consultation!

We are very excited to be participating for the second time in the Chicago Flower and Garden show at Navy Pier from March 15-23, 2014. If you missed our display at the Lake County Show this past summer you can catch us in the upcoming spring. As one of the featured gardens, we will be displaying a beautiful hardscape, landscape design and a breath taking water feature. Click the above for more information about the show.

Appearing at the 2014 Chicago Flower & Garden Show, Navy Pier for the first time as one of twenty-six featured gardens, there was plenty for visitors to see.

We displayed a 15’ high waterfall flowing into a river filled with Mexican pebble and aligned with Granite boulders encompassing a circular Bluestone patio with red brick trim.

Circling the patio were two other displays; a Canadian Mica Fountain and a Mongolian Basalt Bubbler as fountains.  

Also displayed was a seating wall made of Bluestone Tumbled steps that has great comfort for being made of stone. We hope everyone enjoyed our garden and we hope you enjoy the photos of the build out and the show. Look closely, you will see the different colors of the waterfall!

Video clip interview with Joanie Lum from FOX 32 Chicago and our very own Jaime Anguiano. If you have trouble viewing the video above click here.

Participating in this show was tremendously rewarding. We received great support from friends, family, colleagues and spectators. For more photos click here.

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